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Welcome to my profile. Well, I hadn't updated my profile in over two years, so I figured I might as well trim it down a bit. Gone are the pictures of my late, beloved Crown Victoria. Gone also are the rants about computer security and religion. Frankly, I could care less what deity you worship, if any. As for computer security, use Mozilla Firefox or die.

Most people who know me online, know me from a few places. These places consist of: Ricecop forums, forums, The High Road, Kodewerx, Defensive Carry, and Pennsylvania Firearm Owners Association. If you found this site from my profile on any of these websites, hi. If not, check them out. They're all great places.

If you'd like to get to know me better, just drop by one of the IRC channels I'm in. You can find me in #crypt on, or #kodewerx on Be forewarned; while I typically have a relaxed demeanor, some other people on IRC may not. Prepare to be exposed to foul language and insults.

Yeah yeah, I guess I should have a picture of myself up, regardless. Here you go.


This page was last updated at on 6/18/2007

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